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Empreintes de pas sur sable

Kaja est ouvert tous les jours de 9h à 22h 

What is a poke?

Poh'key means "to cut" in Hawaiian.

Inspired by currents from Asia and

from California, The poké bowl is a

explosion of vitality and freshness.

Each poke brings together ingredients

with essential virtues for your well-being:

it is rich in proteins, minerals,

fiber, omega 3 and vitamins.


The Poke Bowl is made up of healthy, low-calorie foods: rice for energy, raw fish and avocado as sources of omega 3, and ginger as the perfect antiseptic. Add seeds to it

sesame to optimize transit, sip mango

of vitamins… and you get an explosive cocktail of vitality with Hawaiian notes. Nice program for "traveling", doing good and living healthy , right?


The Poke Bowl, a great bowl

filled with healthy foods




Discover all our healthy juice and smoothie recipes

to enjoy throughout the day. Juices, healthy and delicious, we love them!

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